Posted by: FLPatriot | August 21, 2009

Someone, please explain this for me.

Recently I was watching PZ Meyers favorite documentary, “Expelled”. To avoid going down well tred rabbit trails there is one part in the documentary that I missed the first couple times I watched it that jumped out at me this time.

In the interview with Richard Dawkins, Mr Dawkins says some very interesting things. Ben Stein asks “How did it get started?” (the creation of the universe) and the brilliant Mr Dawkins answers “nobody knows how it got started.”

So let me see if I got this right. Dawkins does not know how life got started but he does know that no one knows. Thats it, God must be a figment of my imagination, I am totally convinced now.

Seriously though, this is what I am asking for help to be explained. Why is it a logical argument to say that no one knows how the universe, and ultimatly life, was started (created) but we know it was not God?

If you do not know how something was done is it a possiblity that God was involved?

Posted by: FLPatriot | August 11, 2009

The blogs are a buzz with CreoZerg, so what?

The last day or so the blogs here on WordPress have been a buzz with news and reports from CreoZerg. For those that do not know what this is, evolutionist PZ Myers took a bunch of his fans on a field trip to the Creation Museum. Now all these evolutionist bloggers are gloating over their adventure and making fun of the “Creationists”. I guess that proves they are right.

I do not know how we can ever hold to our knowledge of creation because they made fun of a museum, this has destroyed everything I thought I knew. Ok, back to reality. I am glad that evolutionists, Darwinists and atheists alike took time out of their busy lives to visit the Creation museum. My only hope is that one of them heard the Gospel and will throw off the chains of bondage that holds them to this world and accepts the truth of Jesus.

Thank you PZ for showing me that some things never change. Kids will always act like kids and evolutionists will always mock the truth.

Posted by: FLPatriot | August 6, 2009

Evolution is mathematically impossible?

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted, you know real life and how it can get in the way of our hobbies. I am still working on some new posts to put on here and I hope to develop some good discussions. But in the mean time I came across this video and wanted to see what everyone thinks.

Is evolution mathematically impossible based on population growth? and please watch whole video before commenting because your may find answers to your questions in the video before you ask it.

Posted by: FLPatriot | July 21, 2009

Where is ‘Ida”?

About a month and a half ago the evolutionist where beaming with the news they may have found their missing link. 6 weeks later not a peep can be heard, wounder why? Here is an example of the hype that was spreading through out the WordPress evolutionist blogs:

blog 1 “Scientists have discovered an exquisitely preserved ancient primate fossil that they believe forms a crucial “missing link” between our own evolutionary branch of life and the rest of the animal kingdom.”

blog 2 “Scientists are calling this fossil the “missing link” in human evolution.”

blog 3 “Today, scientists have unveiled a new transitional fossil a nearly perfectly preserved, 47 million year old human ancestor they’re calling “Ida” that despite being a primate, I happen to think looks a lot like a dinosaur.”

blog 4 “According to paleontologist Jorn Hurum “Ida” is a crutial part to the evolution of man or “the missing link”. “Ida”, known among the scientific community as Darwinius massillae.”

Now we have an article on that disputes the ‘missing link’: “Not only is Ida too old to reveal anything about the evolution of humans in particular (the earliest putative human ancestors are a mere seven million years old), but she may not even be particularly closely related to the so-called anthropoid branch of the primate family tree that includes monkeys, apes and us.”

So is the link still missing? Do evolutionist even care if one is ever found? Do evolutionists even care if any evidence is ever found?

On a side note, I love the way the scientists jumped at a chance to immortalize their god by naming a bunch of dead bones after him – Darwinius massillae.

Posted by: FLPatriot | June 11, 2009

Censorship at an Atheists’ blog.

I recently took part in a discussion at an atheists’ blog, Proud Atheist, the resulted in me being blocked form commenting. It was not the act of being blocked that disappoints me, it in the way the host (named Mark) did it. Did he notify me in any way? Nope. Did he warn me either in the comments or an email? Nope. All he did was block me. I found out this morning when I went to respond to some questions and accusations from some of the other commenters and my comments do not show up. Is this the kind of open discussions that atheists claim to have with theists?

There are plenty of other atheist blogs that have not resorted to this kind of censorship, at least that I know of. But this is representative of what is happening in the scientific community and government school systems. My comments where my opinion, usually made in response to a question or statement made by someone else, but the responses I got where mainly name calling and character attacks. Then when it did not scare me off, BLOCK.

Thank you Mark of Proud Atheist for showing your true colors and I hope you enjoy preaching to your choir. And yes I will censor and block any hateful comments you make in response to this post, as I have stated before I do not allow profanity on my blog. Profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself.

Posted by: FLPatriot | June 5, 2009

What is the theory of evolution?

Ok, after talking with some evolutionist friends of mine and reading other blogs, I have come up with a project that I need your input on. Debates get off track and accomplish nothing when both sides are arguing against different subjects. As we have engaged in discussions and debates on this blog on the theory of evolution, so lets define what the theory of evolution is. Email me at coville(at)gmail(dot)com with your definition.

Once I get some responses I will put togther a definistion to post here and then we can discuss what is and what is not part of the theory. I hope veryone takes this seriously please. This will give us a better platform to further the discussion in a civil and proper way. I hop ealso that everyone that reads this participates, and let your friends know about this project so they can participate.

Posted by: FLPatriot | June 4, 2009

You have got to read this one…

Over at Nonaeroterraqueous a new post was added that is interesting to read. Check it out here.

Posted by: FLPatriot | June 2, 2009

Analyzing the favorite strawmen of evolutionists.

Over the last 6 months or so I have been reading posts across wordpress from creationist, evolutionists and everyone in between. I would like to start a series on my blog address some of the favorite strawmen that evolutionists like to build up to represent Christians, creationists and generally anyone that does not think the same way they do.

So lets start with one of the most common strawmen built to represent Christians, “just because you where born in a Christian family you believe in Jesus” (or some variation on this).

This one is so over used that my mind blocks it out if I try to read it. This is so easy for me to refute because I am an example of someone that was raised in a completely secular home and now follow Jesus. I did not grow up in an atheistic home, my family had no belief either way.

When someone someone joins the Army they ask you what religion you hold to so they can put it on your dog tags, this way the chaplain knows what prayers to say over your body when they find it. I had no idea what to say, I did not follow any religion, so the receptionist put agnostic on my paper work. This suited me fine and I went on my ignorant way.

It was not until later in life when I began to study the world more and question the things I was taught that I discovered the truth of Christianity. I am over joyed to say that it was only a couple of years after I was saved that both my mother and father have some to know Jesus and are secured in His gift of salvation. As a side note, they both grew up in non-religious families also.

There is also the testimony of many in the middle east and Asia that grew up in Muslim or Hindu or Buddhist cultures that are now followers of Jesus that refute this strawman. If an atheist, evolutionist or Darwinist wants to be taken seriously in a discussion or debate, AVOID this strawman at all cost.

Posted by: FLPatriot | May 28, 2009

Same yesterday as they are today.

This is one of the biggest problems I have with evolutionists, they have to trust that what they observe today is the same has it was for all time.

Oh ya, welcome back. I took some time off from posting so I could spend more time doing that trivial thing called work and I hope I can now balance work and posting so I can continue this blog. Anyways I have not totally disappeared this whole time as I have continued to comment on other blogs and have noticed some consistencies in the fallacies of evolutionists.

There is no evidence that the decay rate of anything is the same now as it was before. There is no evidence that the speed of light is the same now as it was before or the same everywhere in the universe. With out these two things radiometric dating falls apart. How can someone determine the age of anything if the decay rate may have been different in the past than it is today or if the speed of light is different today that it was before? My answer, ask someone who was there.

I know how old I am, not because I can remember the day I was born and every birthday since. But because my mom was there and she remembers every birthday. God was there when He created time and everything else and we are lucky enough to have been given His revalation of His creation. Sometimes I wounder why He took six days to create everything, he could have done it all in one instance that is so small we can not measure it in time, but He chose to take 6 days for a reason… so we could study His creation. Just because we know who created everything, it does not stop us from wanting to know how it all works. In fact, I am more interested in learning on everything works so I can wounder at the power of Jesus. Thinking this was all by chance through mutation leaves no awe and would bore me out of science.

Posted by: FLPatriot | April 9, 2009

Falsifiability: Determining good science from bad.

I have often heard people comment that “if a theory is not ‘falsifiable’ then it is not good science”. I will admit I am still on the fence with this idea. On the serface it makes sense, but after given it some thought I can see some flaws in this idea. I recently came across an article written with a lot more intelligance than I could have, so I am going to link to it. Click Here to read.

Please read the article and then comment here to let me know what you think about “falsifiability”.

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