Posted by: FLPatriot | November 2, 2009

Why the debate has stalled.

Recently I have taking on a discussion with, what I have encountered to be, a standard run of the mill Darwinist. His blog is at It has been a consistent bob and weave by Mr Truelogic as I try to discuss with him the subject of his posts. He consistently brings up attacks on my beliefs and my standpoints  and never defends the points he tries to make in his posts. Then he made the following statement and it all became clear:

“1. You believe Jesus Christ was born to a virgin!
2. You believe Jesus Christ was resurrected from the dead!

Because you believe the above two points with ALL your heart and because NOTHING will cause you to believe otherwise, which is sound evidence demonstrating Science has nothing to do with your world/life view. That alone should cause intelligent people to pause and question the validity of anything you state and question your ability to be objective and honest.”

Something about this statement caused me to think about the state of the creation vs Darwinism debate. This statement shows why the debate has stalled. Too many Darwinists refused to listen to anything that apposes their belief in Darwinian evolution unless it comes from a Darwinist, do you see the problem with this?

It is intellectual dishonest to exclude someones ideas, thoughts or scientific research based on their religious beliefs. This is setting a standard that only allows your opinion to be confirmed and never challenged. How do we move past this and get the debate back on a productive path?

P.S. I will be addressing the quoted statement on truelogic’s post, feel free to join us if you have something to add.



  1. In other words, you simply deny that you can verify my beliefs yourself. Typical atheist excuse. Never seek.

    Positivism is so 19th-century epistemology. You should really upgrade to falsificationalism. 😉

    Seriously, again, can you explain to me how you’re not a fool?

  2. Dan has now become the monkey with his fingers in his ears and refuses to listen.

    David has made intelligent arguments and given plenty to think about but you have closed your mind to honest discussion.

    The difference between the Christian God and all the others is a wonderful discussion with a rational person, let me know when you want to be rational Dan.

    P.S. David, thank you for trying to answer Dan’s questions. You are doing a great job and have represented Christianity. God bless you.

  3. The difference between the Christian God and all the others is a wonderful discussion with a rational person, let me know when you want to be rational Dan.

    What you both are too thick to understand is that every non-Christian religious person in history would have said the exact same thing to you, insisting that you are going to their version of hell for not believing in their god. You can’t all be right. In fact it’s more likely that you’re all wrong. And repeating to me like uneducated twits that you’re right and their wrong because you had some experience that you can’t reproduce objectively for me is stupid.

    Really, ******, stupid.

    So I guess I’ll go back to mocking Christians for not believing in His Noodliness. At least that way I get satisfaction of acting as stupid as you.

  4. So I take your answer towards a rational discussion as a no. Figured that would be your answer.

    P.S. Profanity is the sign of a weak mind trying to express itself. It is also not welcome here.

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