Posted by: FLPatriot | July 21, 2009

Where is ‘Ida”?

About a month and a half ago the evolutionist where beaming with the news they may have found their missing link. 6 weeks later not a peep can be heard, wounder why? Here is an example of the hype that was spreading through out the WordPress evolutionist blogs:

blog 1 “Scientists have discovered an exquisitely preserved ancient primate fossil that they believe forms a crucial “missing link” between our own evolutionary branch of life and the rest of the animal kingdom.”

blog 2 “Scientists are calling this fossil the “missing link” in human evolution.”

blog 3 “Today, scientists have unveiled a new transitional fossil a nearly perfectly preserved, 47 million year old human ancestor they’re calling “Ida” that despite being a primate, I happen to think looks a lot like a dinosaur.”

blog 4 “According to paleontologist Jorn Hurum “Ida” is a crutial part to the evolution of man or “the missing link”. “Ida”, known among the scientific community as Darwinius massillae.”

Now we have an article on that disputes the ‘missing link’: “Not only is Ida too old to reveal anything about the evolution of humans in particular (the earliest putative human ancestors are a mere seven million years old), but she may not even be particularly closely related to the so-called anthropoid branch of the primate family tree that includes monkeys, apes and us.”

So is the link still missing? Do evolutionist even care if one is ever found? Do evolutionists even care if any evidence is ever found?

On a side note, I love the way the scientists jumped at a chance to immortalize their god by naming a bunch of dead bones after him – Darwinius massillae.



  1. “they may have found their missing link.”

    What missing link? Evolution doesn’t work like that. There is no ‘missing link’. Because if we found one, you could just say “well, what about the link between us and the new one you found?”

    The problem here is bad science reporting. Plain and simple. The media, new and old, has always sucked at writing about science.

  2. I concur with morsec0de. “Missing Link” is an archaic term that is only still in use within the media. There’s no “missing link,” only transitional fossils. And we’ll never ever find all the transitional fossils that have ever existed. Ida was an impressive find, just not as impressive as the media made it out to be. And the evidence of evolution, both with the fossil record and the DNA evidence, is so overwhelming that it still holds up even if we never uncover another transitional fossil ever again.

    And it’s ironic that you use science’s own willingness to challenge and correct media misinformation even when it seems to be biased in their favor, as a tactic for accusing science of being corrupt. But I guess as everyone knows, the best way to cover up a mistake is to broadcast that it was a mistake in a major publication. Duh!

    Let me know when creationists gain the kind of integrity that leads them to challenge and correct their own incorrect assertions.

  3. “Plain and simple. The media, new and old, has always sucked at writing about science.” I agree and would add that evolutionists have sucked at reporting science also.

    The media was told this was the ‘missing link’ by the scientists involved. If some evolutionists didn’t grasped at straws to prove their beliefs we would not have this kind of media embarrassment of the theory of evolution.

  4. mjr256: your blog is quoted as blog 3 on my list of examples. You called it the “missing link” on your own blog.

  5. mcoville: the quote on here from blog 3 doesn’t use the words “missing link”. Is there more you haven’t quoted?

  6. Yes, the title of the article is “Fossil Ida: Missing link now found”.

  7. mcoville, you crack me up. Do you have a quotation from “the scientists involved” stating that Ida was the missing link?

  8. Today’s reading comes from the Book of Darwin: The Origin of Species.

    Chapter VII: Miscellaneous Objections to the Theory of Natural Selection

    We read:

    “I will devote this chapter to the consideration of various miscellaneous objections which have been advanced against my views, as some of the previous discussions may thus be made clearer; but it would be useless to discuss all of them, as many have been made by writers who have not taken the trouble to understand the subject. Thus a distinguished German naturalist has asserted that the weakest part of my theory is, that I consider all organic beings as imperfect: what I have really said is, that all are not as perfect as they might have been in relation to their conditions, and this is shown to be the case by so many native forms in many quarters of the world having yielded their places to intruding foreigners. Nor can organic beings, even if they were at any one time perfectly adapted to their conditions of life, have remained so, when their conditions changed, unless they themselves likewise changed; and no one will dispute that the physical conditions of each country, as well as the numbers and kinds of its inhabitants, have undergone many mutations.”

    Amen. Darwin be with you.

  9. mzg0001

    Paleontologist Jorn Hurum proclaimed it to be a ‘missing’ link. Although he had a vested interest. Because he purchased Ida back in 2007. He thought he was going to get a big return for his investment…lol

    mcoville I believe was referring to the media concerning Ida. In order to bring massive attention to Ida, Paleontologist Jorn Hurum used it as a ‘missing link’ which then the media picked up and ran with it. Yea, they ran with it alright, right out of the ballpark…lol

  10. Thank you Michael, you are right on the point. My post was more about the evolutionist bloggers and mainstream media that is quick to hold anything that could “prove” evolution as a golden idol. When will evolutionist learn to do their research first, this would keep their foot out of their mouth so much more.

  11. I have still yet to see a quotation from Dr. Hurum in which he uses the term missing link.
    Maybe you could provide me a link to a website or article where this quote may be located.

  12. I’ve got your back covered on this one, mcoville: oh, poor, misguided mzg0001, if that is your real name. Why, I’ll bet you’re as ugly and as four-eyed as the pink square of your portrait. You want links? You want answers? I’ll give you the last answer you’ll ever need: Jesus. The question? “Who’s your Sky Daddy?” I sincerely hope that you will someday quit your hedonistic, liberal, questioning ways, accept Jesus into your heart, and KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT!!!!!!

  13. This morning’s reading comes from the Book of Darwin: The Origin of Species.

    Chapter IV: Natural Selection; Or the Survival of the Fittest

    We read:

    Extinction caused by Natural Selection

    This subject will be more fully discussed in our chapter on Geology; but it must here be alluded to from being intimately connected with natural selection. Natural selection acts solely through the preservation of variations in some way advantageous, which consequently endure. Owing to the high geometrical rate of increase of all organic beings, each area is already fully stocked with inhabitants; and it follows from this, that as the favoured forms increase in number, so, generally, will the less favoured decrease and become rare.

    Amen. Darwin be with you.

  14. I never said that the person who had the fossil said it was the missing link, so get off that rabbit trail, I thought Michael answered that question good enough.

    The subject of the post is that Evolutionists, bloggers and media types, are the one praising ida as the missing link.

    (Wow, maybe I should use smaller words for the evolutionists that do stop by and try to read rational thoughts.)

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