Posted by: FLPatriot | June 11, 2009

Censorship at an Atheists’ blog.

I recently took part in a discussion at an atheists’ blog, Proud Atheist, the resulted in me being blocked form commenting. It was not the act of being blocked that disappoints me, it in the way the host (named Mark) did it. Did he notify me in any way? Nope. Did he warn me either in the comments or an email? Nope. All he did was block me. I found out this morning when I went to respond to some questions and accusations from some of the other commenters and my comments do not show up. Is this the kind of open discussions that atheists claim to have with theists?

There are plenty of other atheist blogs that have not resorted to this kind of censorship, at least that I know of. But this is representative of what is happening in the scientific community and government school systems. My comments where my opinion, usually made in response to a question or statement made by someone else, but the responses I got where mainly name calling and character attacks. Then when it did not scare me off, BLOCK.

Thank you Mark of Proud Atheist for showing your true colors and I hope you enjoy preaching to your choir. And yes I will censor and block any hateful comments you make in response to this post, as I have stated before I do not allow profanity on my blog. Profanity is a weak mind trying to express itself.



  1. Also, mcoville, I highly doubt you’d say to one of your Christian friends something like “I really thought you where smart enough to figure that out yourself.” In case you don’t know it, people generally don’t like things like that being said to them.

  2. sometimes the truth hurts. It takes a real friend to tell you something you don’t want to hear but need to.

  3. That’s true. Well, speaking as your real friend, mcoville, you’re wrong about evolution. But I think deep down you know that already. And I understand. Science is tough. It’s not for everybody, and school was probably traumatic for you. But it’s not too late to change the error of your ways.

  4. Actually zunedita, I graduated near the top of my class and went on to get a degree in computer science. I enjoy school and continue my education even today.

    The big difference between you and me is that I did not take my teachers word for it and learned more than what they where teaching. It was when I learned more about science that I realized God created everything. I was an agnostic as a child, it was when I matured and became more educated that I recognized the truth of Jesus.

    Sorry to destroy your stereotype.

  5. Apology accepted. So, you should know better than everyone that there’s no one more persecuted than nerds, which you clearly are. I mean, if you go around preaching the gospel of C++ and dynamic link libraries and non-deterministic automata, you tend to pay a hefty price for that. Girls tend to be turned off by that, and the majority of guys. All you’re stuck with, really, are your fellow nerds.

    And I’m assuming you haven’t achieved the success of a Bill Gates or a Paul Allen or a Steve Wozniak. It’s okay. I know what you’re going through. I mean, let’s face it. You didn’t write any of wordpress’s code, right? What’s your thing: Javascript? Flash? Or perhaps you’re a Microsoft fundamentalist? So many questions, mcoville, and you’re giving me so few answers.

  6. Well your getting far of topic, but who cares. Yes, I consider myself a nerd, so does my wife. I have earned the same about of money as Bill or Steve but I feel I am a richer man. I fancy myself a Flex and Php fan, but I code in whatever helps get the job done. I do own Windows PCs and no Macs, but that is mainly a compatability thing.

    How about you? You stick to the cool Mac hardware? Did you have trouble attracting the boys because of your nerd status?

  7. Oh, if I were to tell you about my many numerous conquests with the boys you’d have to make this a pay site, which I don’t think you’d want.

    You have earned the same ‘about’ of money as Bill or Steve. Well, I’m glad you’re taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. I’m a PC man myself, but so far I’ve relegated myself to Flash because C++ compilers cost too much money these days. Microsoft’s trick is to make programming so complicated and expensive that only they can do it. And they only want prodigies who are willing to live in cult-like conditions, but with pinball machines and all the soda you can drink.

  8. N.B. –

    As a general rule, conservative blogs/sites block far more abusively than liberal sites. RedState, Confluence, Conservapedia, are a few examples. Comparatively, I don’t think any liberal sites, short of DKos, block for ideology only. Sounds like you were blocked from this site for being a douchenozzle, not for your ideas.

  9. HAHAHA And you moderate comments too!? What leave do you have to complain of censorship? Who knows what you’re censoring from your readers.

  10. I do not moderate comments on my site, I do censor out foul language as it is not necessary to get a thought across. I do require your first post to be accepted before it is published.

    I agree that censorship happens on every type of site or blog, but do you not see the hypocritical nature of promoting a “Free-Thinkers” site and then censoring out opposing view points? It made me laugh.

    And I am quit sure I was banned for my ideas not my personality. All though I am sure there where plenty of character attacks after he banned me since I can not defend myself now.

  11. Equating homosexuality with bestiality isn’t an “idea.” It’s meaningless, insulting invective. If you can’t see that, and make reasonable arguments instead, then he was probably right to ban you.

  12. Now this is where he, and it sounds like you, are misunderstanding my comment. I pointed out the fallacy that being born with the desire to do something does not make it moral. If someone is born with kleptomania, they have an uncontrollable urge to steal objects… does that give them a right to steal?

    Just because the blog host got defensive about his sexuality being in the same sentence as something he finds offensive does not mean he understood my comment. If he took time to think before he reacted he might have actually learned something.

  13. The thing is, mcoville, believe it or not, you CAN defend homosexuality without being homosexual yourself. Your degree was not in psychology, so you can’t claim to know what psychological attributes people are born with. Have you ever interviewed a kleptomaniac who insists their urge to steal is something they were born with? And how exactly would you prove them correct? And how many people do you know who have sex with dogs, birth-urge or not?

    Face it, mcoville, you’re just a shameless showman at heart. You’re not like these other, toothless Jesus pushers. You deeply long for something more. You’re looking for a fight. Sure, you could sit here and say “Accept Jesus into your hearts” like the others, but you don’t tow the party line. You’re trying to hack your own trail through the nasty thicket with your own proverbial machete. As for learning from you, well, I’ve learned that we’re not really so different, you and me. We both just want to be accepted for who we are: outliers far from the statistical norm. I would finally offer that your problem seems to be that you were born with an uncontrollable urge to not listen to anyone, and therefore doomed to an entire lifetime of getting banned from peoples’ blogs.

    But you’re right, it’s the rest of the world’s fault, not yours. Besides! You’ve got your Bill Gates money. Should be enough to RENT some understanding!

  14. Okay, mcoville. You win. I will stop posting to your blog. But since you have my email address now, let’s keep in touch, okay?

  15. zunedita, I hope you don’t misunderstand me. I would like you to continue to contribute to this blog when you have something to constructive to contribute. In the past you have brought a different point of view to discussions that has added to it, and I hope to hear form you.

    If you ever see anything posted on this blog you are more that free to post a responding comment or email me directly.

  16. He did the same thing to me…and by the way, I tend to agree with you on most of your points. You give a sound, rational answer to why just because you want to do something or behave a certain way, does not make it the right thing to do.

    Keep on plugging. You will never be censored from my site, either. I believe in the 1st Amendment and our right to free speech. God Bless.

    from the mind of…

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