Posted by: FLPatriot | May 28, 2009

Same yesterday as they are today.

This is one of the biggest problems I have with evolutionists, they have to trust that what they observe today is the same has it was for all time.

Oh ya, welcome back. I took some time off from posting so I could spend more time doing that trivial thing called work and I hope I can now balance work and posting so I can continue this blog. Anyways I have not totally disappeared this whole time as I have continued to comment on other blogs and have noticed some consistencies in the fallacies of evolutionists.

There is no evidence that the decay rate of anything is the same now as it was before. There is no evidence that the speed of light is the same now as it was before or the same everywhere in the universe. With out these two things radiometric dating falls apart. How can someone determine the age of anything if the decay rate may have been different in the past than it is today or if the speed of light is different today that it was before? My answer, ask someone who was there.

I know how old I am, not because I can remember the day I was born and every birthday since. But because my mom was there and she remembers every birthday. God was there when He created time and everything else and we are lucky enough to have been given His revalation of His creation. Sometimes I wounder why He took six days to create everything, he could have done it all in one instance that is so small we can not measure it in time, but He chose to take 6 days for a reason… so we could study His creation. Just because we know who created everything, it does not stop us from wanting to know how it all works. In fact, I am more interested in learning on everything works so I can wounder at the power of Jesus. Thinking this was all by chance through mutation leaves no awe and would bore me out of science.



  1. Oh, yes, there is evidence that the speed of light is the same today as it was yesterday.

  2. There is evidence that the speed of light has changed.

    But of course you will ignore any evidence that contradicts your beliefs.

  3. Science has changed since 1996. The speed of light always presented a problem for the big bang theory because the hypothesis says, radiation scattered at different temps throughout the Universe. Problem was found when scientists discovered radiation’s temp is the same in all directions. Maybe that is why the “inflation theory” was proposed…lol

    I don’t think we know enough about the physics concerning the speed of light, but I do also believe there are indication that the speed has indeed changed. It is quite possible for the speed of light to have been faster in the past than it is now.

  4. Welcome back, mcoville 🙂 Good to see you posting again.

    “There is no evidence that the decay rate of anything is the same now as it was before.”

    Actually there’s quite a bit of evidence that decay rate is the same as it was before;

    However, what you say is somewhat true; though there is evidence against the suggestion that decay rates are constant, it isn’t sufficient to pose any sort of threat to evolution. In fact, it actually helps evolution’s cause.

    Evolution promotes the idea of exponential decay rates, that is, decay rates that are indeed fluid in their process. Decay rates are directly dependent upon the environment around that which is decaying and it’s chemical composition. Not surprisingly, chemical composition and environmental states are dependent upon decay rates.

    As you can see, both the decay rate and that which would change the decay rate, are dependent upon one another.

    Furthermore, if there were a change in the decay rate of a given object, we would easily be able to detect that. When an object decays, it leaves behind chemical “waste” that is recycled by the environment as needed. This waste is measurable and through this, we can determine the rate that which the object that it was a part of decayed.

    “There is no evidence that the speed of light is the same now as it was before or the same everywhere in the universe.”

    As has been stated in a previous comment, there is evidence that the speed of light is constant; I do however, accept the possibility that is has indeed changed. I actually own ‘Faster than the Speed of Light.’ Though much of what Mr. Magueijo says is scientifically sound, he many times pushes aside General and Special Relativity, as well as many of the classical ideas of Newton in order to prove his point. Because of this, he has been subject to much criticism in the physics community.

    Also, Mr. Magueijo bases his thesis on the idea that light changes only when passing through a form of matter, not a vaccum; so the age of the universe is left unaffected; we’ve been varying the speed of light as it passes through matter of years.

    It is also worthy to note that the fluctuations are of a minute scale, so minute special instruments were invented for the purpose of measuring them.

    Mathematically speaking, the speed of light is a constant; and constants can vary in theoretical physics on the quantum scale.

    Thanks again for another thought-worthy post 🙂

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