Posted by: FLPatriot | April 9, 2009

Falsifiability: Determining good science from bad.

I have often heard people comment that “if a theory is not ‘falsifiable’ then it is not good science”. I will admit I am still on the fence with this idea. On the serface it makes sense, but after given it some thought I can see some flaws in this idea. I recently came across an article written with a lot more intelligance than I could have, so I am going to link to it. Click Here to read.

Please read the article and then comment here to let me know what you think about “falsifiability”.



  1. Dogmatic falsification in a theory generally happens a lot in space, but does happen a lot on earth in the theory of evolution. In space it happens much easier for example, if scientists study 100 stars, each of them going around a circular orbit, in a clockwise manner, it is assumed all these type of stars behave the same way. But then one star is discovered which is the same type but has a different orbit, and is moving not clockwise but counter-clockwise.

    Also Methodological Falsificationism can be very tricky, human intelligence is fallible. The article mentioned Einstein’s stubbornness to give up on special relatively when it appeared to be falsified by this approach. The same with the discoverer of RNA reverse transcription of the 1960s when that was deemed impossible to happen.

    But it can happen the to the other way too where scientists believe in a theory which is not true, with the hope of new evidence will verify their stubbornness to hold strong (especially when large sums of grant money is involved). Sometimes it’s realized of their mistake while other times it is not.

    Overall science has it’s limitations because of the limitations of man.

  2. Thanks for the article. Interesting read.

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