Posted by: FLPatriot | March 19, 2009

What if you’re wrong?

This will be a quick post but it comes from a recent conversation I had with a friend of mine. What if I am wrong? Then my thoughts on evolution will change and I will approach my understanding of some evidence differently, no big deal. I can say that I am very comfortable with my decisions in the light that I may be wrong. The debate between creation and evolution is not personal to me, it is purely intellectual.

My experience though is that to proponents of evolution it is personal. Why?

I know this is a generalization of people and that not everyone on either side of the debate act the same way I am describing. But if you feel that a creationist questioning the evidence for evolution is a personal attack, why? If you a creationist that feels like evolutionists are attacking you personally when they deny God and insist on evolution being the only rational theory, why?

Is it possible to have a debate on creationism vs evolution without getting personal?

On a final note I would like to express my disappointment in people that feel the need to resort to name calling. It has no place in a debate and only negates any intellectual standing you may have in your argument. Once you resort to name calling in a debate you have lost your footing and now look like you have no real intellectual ground to stand on. Do yourself a favor and stop it. This happens by members of both sides of the debate and I will tell you that it hurts your cause more than it helps. Sarcasm on the other hand, when done right, can be fun. Be careful with sarcasm, use disclaimers or something.



  1. Yeah

  2. Its “you’re” not “your.” [Thank you, Fixed – mcoville]

    As for sarcasm is the cheapest form of humour!

  3. If “sarcasm” is the cheapest form of humor than what is the most expensive form of humor? lol

    I have experienced the name calling, bobxxx comes to mind as he just liked to curse and swear at me. It prompted me to have to put some limitations on the posts.

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