Posted by: FLPatriot | March 12, 2009

Why are Darwinists afraid of the label?

I am amazed at how defensive people get by the term Darwinist. It is almost like I have blasphemed against their deity or something. Why do they react this way?

The term Darwinism was used by a follower and friend of Charlie himself, Mr.  Thomas Henry Huxley (better known as Darwin’s bulldog). This was seen as an endearing label and Charlie didn’t shy away from it. For additional information please check out Wikipedia. Here is Darwinism as defined by Talk Orgins.

I realize that the Theory of Evolution has changed over time and is now different than when Darwin first wrote of it, but so many still point to Charles as the founding father. His birthday was observed by many of the faithful and his home has become a shrine to him, this is all clear signs of worship. This makes a case for the use of the label Darwinists.

Here is one Darwinist that is not afraid of the label and wonders why others are.

I do not use this label in any derogatory way. It only allows me to direct my comments to a specific group of people. Much like when someone uses the labels ‘creationists’, ‘flat-earther’, ‘young earth creationist’ or ‘atheist’. These are all labels so that people can quickly understand your viewpoint on a given topic. It in no way should be used to lock you in to a box and say that you must conform to the thoughts of all other Darwinists, much like not all Christians hold to the same ideas about some topics, it’s ok to think for your self.

So here is your chance Darwinists, come out of your closet and do not be ashamed of your beliefs. Let me know why you like or dislike the use of the label Dawinists.



  1. You and Ray. Honestly. The Theory of Evolution has moved well beyond Darwin’s original theory. That is why it is no longer referred to as Darwinism.

    I ask that you refer to it correctly for two reasons: (a) politeness. I don’t refer to prolifers as proforcedincubationers. That would be rude. (b) accuracy. See above paragraph.

    This has been explained to you more than once. Try actually reading your comments.

  2. “Why do they react this way?”

    I see two reasons. #1, the theory has changed *a lot* since Darwin. It’s just not accurate. Anyone that understands evolution today knows that.

    And #2, scientists usually avoid personalisms. “Darwinism” implies following Darwin as a character (see Maoism, Trotskysm, Platonism) as opposed to a reason-based understanding of ideas which allows more freedom of critique. That’s why it’s called Relativity and not “Eisteinism”.

  3. I have no problem with people using the word “Darwinist” because then I immediately know the person using that word is scientifically illiterate and a waste of time.

    By the way they are called “biologists”.

  4. Well, actually reletivity would be Newtonianism, but i see that Lamrcke (either it’s the wrong name or it is spelled wrong) was an evolutionary biologist of France at the same time as Darwin. In fact, his theory of evolutionary behavior died out, more or less. The idea was that as the individual animal developed stronger organs or appendages, theier children would inheret these traits. not so. Genes defined the process, not personal training which occurs natually to all individuals. This was easily known as soon as sperm and ovum became thier own sub-discipline, as it were.

    and labels are stupid. people cannot be divided so easily. Or at least they ought not to have such deplorable individuation as to succumb to groupthink- like nearly all religious congregations.

    Scientists aren’t even swayed by thier beliefs, but by the theoretical and emperical evidences that lay before us, wating to be recognized as such. It sickens me that “God’s Creation” has been called into question. Why should the magnitude of the heavens fail to declare his alleged “glory”? Science used to be highly influenced by religious motives, even as close as Einstien, who prefered as static universe to fit his Deism. his opponent loved the idea of a creation event, as it were, a Big Bang (a misnomer because it was a hyper-expansion of space, not an explosion of any sort. there was simply nothjing to explode, at all. It’s like saying the sun is constantly exploding. Complete malarky).

    sorry PF, if he read words with any degree of cognizance, he would see through the vapid mysticism that is know as the Old and New Testaments. You can’t expect him to care about new information- if he did, he wouldn’t hold to his anthropocentric, egocentric, and ethnocentric ideas. It is certainly just that simple.

    Darwin as a monkey isn’t unusual. He certainly theorized that such was the case. and he was. all evidence points to it. All liars say otherwise. and there is no splitting hairs. You are willfully ignorant, and forcing your dogmatic ingnorance on others. it’s somewhat similar to calling a german a Hitlerist simply for being descended from a community that had that leader in the political realm some time in the past. What you are doing is labeling, that is true. Do it to some other groups and see where it gets you.

  5. Personal Failure: I do not use the term Darwinist as an insult or a personal attack. I use it only as a way to address a target audience. If I was addressing biologists, then it would be difficult to pin point who I am talking to as not all biologists believe in evolution (I know this goes against what you hold as true, but it is). I do read my comments, but I have not seen anyone demonstrate a complete separation form the belief in Darwinism that would result in the unnecessary use of the term Darwinists.

    And if Labels are so stupid Rickr0ll, then why do you use them so often? You call yourself a “scientist” or even an “evolutionist”. Why are you so ashamed of Darwin that you feel insulted?

    Besides if none of you considered yourself a closet Darwinist then why are you insulted by the label?

    “Do it to some other groups and see where it gets you.” Fans of the Green Bay Packers are proud to be Cheese heads. I am a proud ‘Yankee’ born in the north and my brother in law is a card carrying Red-Neck from Georgia. I know a lot of Baptists and even work with Computer Geeks, these labels do not bother any of them. I do not use any of them with malice, just as when I use Darwinist. Do you consider yourself an American?

  6. you know what, try calling the next black guy you meet a n***er and let me know how that goes.

  7. Now Personal Failure, that is an insult not a label.

    Do you really feel that calling someone a Darwinist is the same?

  8. labels aren’t what make you an american you freaking moron. the respect and tolerance of other groups is.

    And if you wanna be accurate PF, n***er ought to insult more whites than blacks- as a general rule, the South has a very poor education background, all people are included. it’s unfortunate that the pettiness and divisive manner that you bring to the table on this blog. Thank you for poisening the minds and wasting the time of everyone on the planet with your vapid, dishonest sophism. i’m officially too disgusted to even bother throwing the brick against the wall.

    Goodbye a*****e. you’ve shown yourself to be as self-centered and hypocritical as all who call themselves “Christians”. it is an utter waste of my effort to get you to realize how pathetic and narrow-minded you really are.

  9. PF, that second paragraph wasn’t meant for you, just the first sentance. i just realize how ambiguous that was. sorry to you, and good luck with this brain-dead Liar for Jebus.

  10. Rickr0ll, I am sorry you feel that way but if all your going to do is call people names and hurl insults then maybe it is better that you leave. You may not be as ticked off if you took the time to read the comments I left with an open mind.

    I never said that using labels made you an American. I was asking if PF minds being labeled an American. In some countries it is looked at as putting someone down to call them an American.

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