Posted by: FLPatriot | January 14, 2009

Christians in the Blogsphere

I have been able to spend sometime recently reading blogs and leaving comments. Of course my interests have been mainly blogs that deal mainly with theology, creation science, just about any blog that brings up the subject of God and how He created everything.

On my road trip across the blogsphere I have been introduced to several highly intelligent people, well intelligent compared to me so that bar is not set too high. The intelligent people exist on both sides of the debate. I find that they contribute interesting information and point me in the direction of new information that I normally would not have came across in my normal life journey.

Now every road has a bump or two in it and so does my trip through these blogs. Sometimes I get the sense that some people do not take the time to read a comment fully before scrolling to the bottom to respond to what they did read. I also get flashbacks to the grade school playground with the arguments of, “because I am right and your wrong, that’s why!”.

So, the thought I would like to put out there to my one or two readers is this: Do you find it easier or harder to discuss topics of religion in blog comments as you would, face to face with friends or strangers? Do you approach these same topics with coworkers, family or friends as often as you do on-line?



  1. Hello!

    I find it difficult to discuss religion with family and friends because they have a fear of being force-fed Jesus which is why they are turned off religion as a whole. Online – I have no problem as long as the other person welcomes healthy discussion and debate – offensive anything achieves nothing.

    I find myself talking about religion more so online than face-to-face only because more of my friends or people I know who are willing to discuss it are not in close proximity to me.

    Thanks 🙂

  2. blogging can promote a courteous dialogue … or it can breed a rancorous acrimony. It all depends upon the crowd that you atrract.

  3. So far I find that no matter how you present your ideas there will always be someone that goes overboard in their response. But if I ignore those and only interact with the rational responders then the dialog has be very insightful so far.

    Thank you both for your comments.

  4. so will you continue to ignore me mcoville? what’s going on with this posting issue?

  5. ok nevermind. I was worried about the moderation thing. Does that mean no more links are allowed?

    I find that highly constraining, becasue there is so much more out there that ought to be revealed to people- we both think this way, correct?

    And so it would be very wise to keep in mind that links aren’t your enemies. They are merely a way to bring lots of information to the table. If that is an issue, then why blog on the internet? Exchange of idea is the best part of the net!

    Anyway, just thought i would say that… I had a long, long comment for “in the beginning…” which had a couple of redundant links in it. Are those now modreated out? Will i have to email them directly to you? I greatly enjoy posting on your blog, so i would really appreciate if you answered these questions.

    sincerest regards,

  6. I know this is going to come as a surprise but I am new to wordpress. I think I found out what was wrong with the comments and changed the setting so that you can have 4 or less links in a single message without it being held for moderation.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  7. Ok i’ll keep that in mind. I’m all linked out, for the most part anyway. All the pertinant articles are on display in one comment. It is so much easier that way… i think i’ll actually go back and see which numbers those videos are, and name them.

    At the time, i was rushed and simply wanted to get all of them up at one point for mutual referance. I think i ought to be the one to apologize for the inconveniance 😉

    So don’t worry about it. I get it 🙂 We all are liable for such things…

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