Posted by: FLPatriot | January 2, 2009

in the begining…

I thought I would start by discussing my thoughts on the start…of everything. In recent days I have been giving a lot of thought to this topic. I have read the first 2 chapters of Genesis several times, read posts on Scientific blogs and listened to lectures from both young and old earth creationists and evolutionists. In my opinion, in light of  of the inerrant nature of the Bible, I am going to have to stake my claim in the land of young earth creationists.

The area of study I am going to start with is Radiometric Dating. I found a great paper by Dr. Roger C. Wiens titled “Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective”. Give me some time to read this and I will post it and my review soon. If anyone reads this and has a good source of info on radiometric dating, or any thing to do with ‘scientifically’ dating the earth, email it to me so I can take a look at it.

My thought is that if current dating processes are not reliable, then we should stay with the original method, God. I am also going to research the original text of Genesis and see which translation is the most accurate to tell me in English what God said in those chapters of the Bible. Most of the time I have found the KJV to be the most reliable, but I am willing to explore the original text to see what I find.

I am hoping that through studying the original text of the Bible and reading about modern dating processes I can come to a reasonable answer to the questions: How old is the earth. With that said I would like to point out that the age of the earth is a non-essential to salvation and that Heaven will be crowded with young and old earthers and we will all find out the truth once we get there. God bless everyone and I look forward to next time I get to write on this blog.



  1. Rickr0ll,

    “And with that long, and still incomplete rant, i will leave you….”

    …absolutely mystified as to what point you were trying to make. Reason is a gift. Do try to be coherent.

    I think you were trying to say that Scripture is bunk. See how speaking plainly allows us to communicate so much more effectively!

    The burden of proof is on you, I’m afraid.

    Scripture has been found archaeologically, historically and prophetically accurate. You seem to be spouting the dusty, debunked hubris of the old “higher critics.” These same guys swore the Bible was bunk because no one had ever heard of a Hittite. Then archaeology made them look like punks… over and over again. Your assertion that there is zero evidence for the Exodus is laughable; most of the debate is over when it occured, a difficulty caused by inflated Egyptian chronologies, not if it occured at all. There was once zero evidence for Hittites…

    What do I expect from someone who gets his arguements from YouTube?

    As for the rest of what you’ve presented:

    Are you soberly suggesting that anyone take this link spamming endeavor of yours seriously? It’s beginning to sound as if all your opinions are second-hand regurgitations. You guard your biased presuppositions carefully, I see.

    For example: “Answers in Genesis isn’t a good source. has a list of sources for every single rebuttal to Creationist Claims.”

    I could easily reverse your assertion…

    “TalkOrigins isn’t a good source. Answers in Genesis has a list of sources for every single rebuttal to Evolutionist Claims.” Or how about , or It seems like we all have our sources.

    btw, science was invented by Creationists, so a little respect, pal:

    I’m afraid I might be casting pearls here, so I’ll wrap this up.

    –Sirius Knott

  2. Are you casting Sirius, or are you clutching those pearls? 😉 Not that any of it matters because looogic and proooof are what substantiate on side over another. Not silly references to another man’s mental state or personality.

    I see that you have abandoned the topic of the post- I wonder why?
    Note the sarcasm.

    “…absolutely mystified as to what point you were trying to make.”

    I did mention in passing that your reading comprehension skills are no great shakes, but i suggest you reread it. There is a lot of ink on the page, so to speak, so i won’t fault you for losing interest and not really paying attention.

    “Scripture has been found archaeologically, historically and prophetically accurate.”

    O RLY
    When, by whom, and why is it debated? The facts are the facts. For example, disprove the Documentary Hypothesis. Prove the Story of Exodus with peer-reviewed science. Then that statement will be more than an assertion.
    OH WAIT- “peer reviewed”=”regurgitated”- i guess that leaves us with… well…. Making stuff up!

    But since you bring it up…The expulsion of the Hyksos are Not related, because the Hyksos were a foreign group of kings that established power in Southern Egypt. And the Hittites actually had a peace treaty with the Egyptians for a long time. Plus, the Exodus events would have destroyed Egypt. That never happened. Same with the 40 year period of desolation in Egypt Prophesied in Ezekiel. Daniel is similarly Very far from historically accurate- so why believe in the Prophesy?

    There are numerous videos on the Book of Daniel as well. Videos are simply for the sake of Brevity. I mean, there are thousands upon thousands of videos on youtube posted by Creationists, Christians, et all, but i guess theirs are different they? Because naturally everything a Christian does is worth more than what anyone else does! What a great assumption to make- Baseless AND Bigoted!

    You have a long list of logical fallacies that you have sitting on your front page- i suggest that you look over them before making as many egregious errors as you do.

    *deep breaths*

    But again, you could look into all the databases on the subject as well. Just like i suggested.

    “Little Respect, Pal”

    Genocide was endorsed by Jews-remember the Midianites? What’s the evidence for them by the way? Or that any of the “conquests” in Canaan happened anytime when the Isrealites would have been around? And if they were around, why does the evidence point out that it would have taken 1000 years for the Conquest to have taken place?

    Child sacrifice. Jephthah is a better example of that though than Abraham- and let us consider the whole story of Sampson (literally a living sacrifice, up until the very day he died) & Delila- notice how the role of women in scripture is often relegated to evil roles or are tools for the sinful- such as Bathsheba?

    So a Lot of things are fond memories of Christianity- like you know, the INQUISITION (you know, those blokes that killed people who took astronomy seriously), The Crusades, Apartheid; i could easily continue… But Science, eh… more of a Greek thing (Aristotle, Archimedes, et cetra).
    Democracy, also Greek. Republics- Roman. Monarchy- ancient pagan. Theocracy- ancient Pagan. Wait, astronomy and medicine were practiced by Egyptians.

    In fact, the Heart weighed against the feather of the god [name escapes me] was a big part of their beliefs- which was why they went through all the elaborate embalming processes and preparation of the dead. They believed that a Soul, well, the prototype of the concept, at least, was a resident of that group of muscles. Why didn’t the Bible correct them on that, i wonder? Surely God knows that Reason in in the Brain- not the cardiac muscle.

    Hmmm…. What sciences exactly were started by Christianity? None. All of these things were established by People, plain and simple. Reason is indeed a great thing- it is so nice when people use it to finish a line of thinking instead of stopping a point along it and say “this is nice. Let’s stay here.”

    So how about a little respect for Philosophy and Science over your Worshiped book of stories- you know those things that Every Religion has?

    {Server Maintenance- sorry if this is a double post}

  3. I’m surprised and delighted once again at your above average tolerance for straight talk, mcoville.

    I am keeping it civil aren’t i? Just thought i would stop and ask.

  4. “What do I expect from someone who gets his arguements from YouTube?”

    Two very fat thumbs up for that comment.

    I are listening to Thunderf00t for all my arguments.

    Lemme see if I can find a juicy VenomFangX video to refute his opining on the “document” (lulz) hypothesis.

  5. it’s been a great long time. Why have you not even so much as bothered to look at these videos? At least, the ones that are still around. you seem to have erased a great deal of them. You go along just fine ignoring the facts, but the world will still know what real science is even if you do not.

  6. Sorry Rickr0ll, I did not realize you where still waiting on this, most of us had moved on to other discussions.

    I did watch the videos you posted and I have not removed anything from your posts, it must be a default thing with wordpress.

    It has been a while since I watch them and to the best of my recollection it was the same old tired stance that I have heard from Darwinists.

    I am glad to see you are still around and I hope to have some new posts coming in the near future that will allow us to continue the discussing that was started here.

  7. “Moved on”? You’ve gotta be [edited] kidding me.

    yeah i concluded that as much myself, sorry.

    “Tired stance”. O RLY, Is standing there [edited] not a tired rhetorical position as well? So Einstien was fundamentally wrong about the nature of the universe? Where’s your Nobel Prize in Physics?!!!

    Cram your fakery, you polite, ignorant moron. You must be lying, because no person could possible be This stupid and still figure out the brake pedal.

    I’m out.

    [some words where edited out because I would rather keep the site appropriate for civilized people to read – mcoville]

  8. Rickr0ll, you prove my point. You know your argument doesn’t stand in the light of rational thought so you resort to name calling and foul language. You are more than welcome to comment here once you have grown up.

    Those who are arguing from the stand point of evolution should be ashamed that Rickr0ll counts himself among your advocates.

    So long Rickr0ll, I hope you find peace somewhere in your life and I will pray for you.

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